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OuterSpace.Travel was created to fill a void in the burgeoning space tourism industry. With passenger space travel becoming a routine activity, outer space needed a destination website just like any other travel destination. Hence OuterSpace.Travel was born. A one-stop destination for all of your space tourism needs and information.

Sharing Space Experiences Have you had a space-related experience you would like to share with everyone? These experiences may include witnessing a space launch, attending a space camp, space training either from a simulator or high altitude aircraft, as well as others. Every expereince log (blog) is linked to a member’s profile. With just a click you can learn more about each member; their age, hometown, what they look like, and then read more about their space experiences. The advanced members feature allows you to search by ‘experience’ to see reviews for a space adventure you might be considering. This makes it easy for members to contribute content and for other users to find it. Share your experience with the world and learn about an experience you may like to have.

Information Resource We offer space travel and tourism news, updated daily, as well as a community discussion area to learn about and discuss space travel.

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