Should you came to this Lead System Network review, you might be obviously wondering what Lead System Network or LSN is all about. I'll attempt to clarify the device and also the Lead System Network opportunity as succintly and thoroughly as you can.Lead System Network

Lead System Network (LSN) is definitely an all-encompassing marketing tool suite attached to an internet business opportunity that compensates 100% commissions and employs a forced matrix (available and then certain membership levels).

Now in prelaunch and "free" to join, the apparent purpose of Lead System Network is always to assist web marketers for making money online by facilitating an automated lead follow up system that appears to be remarkable as well as in it's function. This can be done by giving it's members with a great number of tools and resources plus an robotic voice that may automatically follow up with prospects via emails, texts,voice broadcasting and even postcards to their postal address. Lead System Network Scam

LSN employs �lead scoring� technology with all the follow up system which scores leads depending on how many emails they opened, how many links they clicked etc. potentially seperating valid opportunity seekers from those people who are only moderately interested. Or, for a moment, it separates the "hot" leads from the leads which can be... well, not so "hot".

Lead System Network proposes to are perfect for any marketer who would like to leverage the net (hmm, where have we heard that before?), as well as mobile technology and support them in selling any program or product that they could be involved in to earn money online.

Right here is the review of the amount of membership and Lead System Network comp plan. (this information is included on their home page but I cannot attest to it's complete accuracy)

-- LSN Basic Tool Suite:


$30 recurring monthly (customer only)


100 percentile payout to sponsor.



Basic Tool Suite includes:

Custom Lead Capture Pages,

Capture Page Creator

Custom Email, Text, Voice, and Postal Email autoresponders

Lead Management Software

Multimedia Lead Broadcast

Live Chat

Social media marketing Inviters

Webinar Platform

Google Hangouts

Viral Blogging Platform

-- LSN Pro Tool Suite:

Everything in the fundamental Tool Suite + EZ Mobile App Creator, Prospecting

Assistant, and Bulk Mailer.


$100 recurring monthly.


A.) 50 percentile payout to sponsor.

B.) 50 percentile assigned to 3x9 FORCED MATRIX.


Should have Basic Tool Suite.

Must remain ACTIVE; Reseller fee $19.95, Basic Tool Suite fee $30.

First $1,000 bonus requires ZERO Pro Tool Suite recruits.

Future residuals demand a at least ONE active Pro Tool Suite recruit.

-- LSN Master Distributor (Wholesale Apps, Co-op share, Mastermind Community)


$1000 one-time direct payment.

$99 one-time setup

$99 annual admin fee (after first year).


100 percentile of fees paid to first available upline Master Distributor.



-- LSN Franchise Partner Rights (LCPS System white label reselling rights)


$2,500 one-time direct payment.


100 percentile of fee paid to first available upline qualified Franchise Partner.


Must also purchase Reseller�s White Label Site Package3 ($1000).

Should have paid all fees and remain in good standing.

-- LSN Diamond Master Distributor (The LSN Diamond is an earned kind. Includes profit sharing pools.)


Maintain NINE active resellers which THREE are Master Distributors.

My Lead System Network Review Conclusion:

How do you experience Lead System Network? Is it useless? I do not think so. The device has some strong points. The idea isn't new. There are literally hundreds of similar systems available on the market at various prices, including Pure Leverage, Level One, Ingreso and GVO for example. Lead System Network has had a classic concept and added a few extra trumped up bonuses that are worth it to read and noteworthy in their nature. The problem is that with any online system you need traffic, and also you need leads, and you have to recruit to truly make any decent sum of money online together with your home or online business. The sad facts are 98% of marketers don't know how you can recruit, or spend tireless hours recruiting for only a bit money to exhibit for his or her efforts.

If you are fed up with the tireless recruiting which is necessary to build most businesses on the net, and you are pounding your head from the wall asking "Why can't I generate income?" then check out a new system I would recommend to realistically earn a full-time or part-time income from your home without traditional "recruiting".

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